Aroma TherapyAromatherapy has been around for many years but have certainly grown in popularity and uses in our modern times. It is one of the best and highly touted natural sleep aids on the market as well.

One of the more popular products is the lovely fragrance of lavender which has been said to be highly conducive to a good rest. Everywhere we turn there are countless sleep products with lavender as part of their chemical make-up. Extensive research has shown that this fragrance does promote good restful sleep and people tested seem to be more refreshed as they awaken.

Aromatheraphy has many benefits such as promoting relaxation and stress relief, improving your mood and helping in the respiratory system. All of these factors help in ensuring the natural sleep you desrve is achieved.

But which aromotheraphy contains the solution for you? From the sprays, leaves, pillows, oils and candles what really works?

One of the best recommendations is the droplet solutions that you can tip into your warm bath before bed. A warm bath soothes your muscles, releives stress, encompasses your mind to relax and this combined with therapeutic oils is an excellent combination.

Another recommended application are the sachets that can be placed under the pillow. The pleasant fragrance helps you to breathe and indeed if you tie it in properly into your sleep routine, can signal to your mind that it’s time to sleep.

Besides the ever popular lavender, Chamomile is another product you can incorporate into your sleep routine.  Often found in teas, leaves and other fragrant products it is another natural sleep aids that works. The best recommended use of chamomile is when it is served as a hot herbal tea. When taken before bed, it can soothe the mind and put you into that mode of rest in no time.

How does aromatheraphy really work? Is it a true solution or is it all just in the marketing? Think about it a little, if you are a coffee drinker and you walk into a cafe serving strong brews, doesn’t your brain react and say, wow! I have to get some of that now. You feel alert even before that first sip but not totally until it touches your lips. The mind does have a lot to do with it but it is not all. The combination of setting your mind in the correct mode coupled with the essential fragrance of aromatheraphy is what makes it effective.