Choose The Best Beds With This Handy Checklist

Best BedsSo many advertisements bombard customers about what bed is right.

It is recommended you go with your specific needs and choose what is ideal for you.

To decide what are your specific needs, use the following as some guidelines:


  • Space:  The bed should not hinder your comfortable movement in your room but rather enhance and beautify the space. Your space will dictate whether it is practical to go with a single, double, queen or king size. Ensure the square footage of your room allows for a bed to fit comfortbly and you are able to move around the bedroom without hindrance;
  • Height:  Remember to cater for the type of mattress you choose, this will raise the height of your sleeping space even more. Ideally the height of your bed should be one you could sit into comfortably with your feet on the ground. Remember hopping into and out of bed may be easy now but as one ages it may become a challenge;
  • Support:  Ensure that your spring boards below are durable and can support your weight as well as your spouse. Most bed springs come with their specifications and you should request to see this and ask for a full explanation if you do not understand. Ensure the maximum weight tolerance is well within your zone. You do not want to purchase a bed and then have it sagging under your weight in a short time. This can lead to back pains and other sleep related complaints;
  • Compromise: You will spend approximately one third of your life in bed so make sure it is a priority decision. Make sure your spouse has a say in your choice and you both agree to your purchase;
  • Length and Width: Ensure the bed is the proper length where you cater for the space your pillow will take up and there needs to be adequate room for your legs to be on the bed as well. The width should be comfortable where you can sleep in your desired sleeping position and your partner can have their desired space as well;
  • Storage Features: These are times when space and storage is essential for customers. Beds nowadays can come with adequate space below for storage bins or can come with drawers to store your items as well. Take into account your present requirements and see if the bed can assist in solving any of these issues;
  • Esthetics: The bed you chose will have an effect on the entire beauty of your space so choose wisely. Look at your color choice, the texture of the material and how it matches other pieces of furniture in the room. This all has important impact on your overall sleep comfort and should be a priority;
  • Time: Put aside adequate time to choose the correct bed. This is a decision right up there with choosing a vehicle or a home. Note that you spend the most time at home in bed. Thus it should provide you the best comfort and satisfaction in its purchase possible. Do not take a lunch hour and rush over to the nearest store, research and visit a store when you have put aside time. Make a wise choice and you will be very pleased in the long term benefits.