Sleep on a plane

How To Sleep On A Plane

Sleep on a planeEveryone in today’s world would have had to endure a flight sometime in their lives. It may vary from the one hour short hauls to the medium five hours to the nineteen hours plus. While on board you may want a bit of relaxation and perhaps even some sleep time on board. After all for the time being most airlines have not introduced the technology to let all the gadgets work so this may be counted as valuable stress free time.

Of course for those of you that can afford it or have miles (points program) to assist, you can opt get a seat into business or first class. That way you can possibly enjoy the new lay-flat beds many airlines offer. However not everyone has that option so they may have to look at the best alternatives to prepare for rest.

  • First of all if you have a super long flight in front of you, look at the times of departure. If you can chose one in the late evening or night that may be best so as not to throw you off your normal sleep pattern;
  • Invest a little in the small comforts:
    • a nice wide pair of bedroom slippers;
    • a cushioned neck pillow covered in nice soft material (memory foam has a great one);
    • a comfortable pair of eye shades;
    • your own headphones (noise canceling may be ideal);
    • Your ideal relaxation music – put it on your iPod or smart phone;
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing. We have seen people change completely to what is comfortable for them on flights. However if you are a bit self-conscious, travel in a nice soft pair of slacks and a top or shirt that does not restrain you in any way;
  • Get that good book or magazine out. Relax your mind and unwind totally before attempting to sleep. It is all about getting you psychologically ready;
  • Walk with your travel approved bathroom kit. Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, lip balm, eye-drops and lotion will be essential for a long trip. Keep your oral health and those around you happy. Note that this act of brushing, flossing, applying lotion and so on before rest can serve to put you into your own routine before bed so there can be an added benefit;

Feeling sleepy already? The objective is to create the setting that will facilitate your Natural Sleep. Let’s move onto what not to do before that long flight:

  • Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and prescription drugs to induce sleep. Remember you are on a flight and have to abide by flight regulations. Travellers should be in full control of their motor skills at all times. If there is the unlikely event of an emergency you want to be awake and alert;
  • Don’t be discourteous to other passengers. We have seen passengers put their feet up against the seat in front of them, curl up and have their knees in the other persons area and even place a pillow on the edge of someone else’s seat to get their own sleep. Remember we are all neighbors on the flight and should live well together at least until we part ways upon landing;
  • Don’t forget to book your seat in advance. If you are a leg room person, try to get the emergency exit row or the aisle. If you are one for a good lean while you sleep, get a window seat. Choose the window seat on your favourite sleeping side, that way you could at least get near to some of your Natural Sleep positions. Try to book a seat that is away from the toilet area as this could be very disturbing for a long flight;
  • Do not walk with excessive carry-on luggage. Try to keep the space below the seat in front of you relatively clear so you can stretch your legs;
  • Don’t forget your own snacks. Not all airlines spoil you with service especially in the current time now when they are all cutting back on expenses. Don’t let a hungry belly keep you from getting some shut eye. If your airline will be serving food and you have special requirements (e.g. vegetarian), go online or contact your travel agent and get this done way in advance;
  • Don’t allow your body to feel cramped. Get up and walk around, do some stretches. It is essential to keep your circulation normal and the muscles relaxed;

So now we have you reading a good book, listening to your own tunes and snacking on something light. We can feel that pleasant sleepiness beginning to take you over already.