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Cures for Lower Back Pains & Upper Back Pains

Cure Back PainsSleeping with back pains is certainly difficult for anyone. For those that suffer from this condition whether as a result of an old injury, spine condition or similar you are not alone in your quest for a good’s night sleep. It is advised that in the case of acute back pain or where it hinders movement a doctor should be consulted. Many people suffer from lower back pains but upper back pains are common as well. What causes these pains and what are some of the everyday natural cures? Pain killers subdue the discomfort temporarily but do not seek solution. There are techniques and proven products that can help anyone achieve relief and a good rest.

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Cure Back Pains

  • Review your mattress: Your mattress can play a large part in the health of your back and by extension the quality of your sleep. Check to see if it is firm or soft enough to facilitate your sleep position, ensure it has no springs or lumps that can create discomfort and replace it if you think it necessary. Don’t pinch when it comes to your mattress, it is essential to your health.
  • Your Pillows: This compliments your mattress and is extremely important as well. Proper spinal allignment and air passageway are integral to a good rest. Your pillow should facilitate your body’s shape when sleeping and its flatness, height, age and material should all be taken into consideration.
  • Memory foam: One of the best solutions for those of you with back pains is the memory foam solution. It is made from polyurethane and molds itself into the shape of the individual. Memory foam comes in pillows, lumbar support, mattresses and mattress pads so there is a wide array of choice.
  • Take a warm bath: Approximately forty five minutes before going to bed, take a nice warm bath. A shower is fine but soaking in a tub especially with some muscle relaxing sports crystals in the water is wonderful. Make sure after your bath you allow your body to re-adjust to room temperature;
  • Pillows and towels: Research has shown that dependent on the region of your back that is in pain a few different techniques may assist. Some people find that sleeping on their side with a small pillow between their legs helps to ease the pain. Others have found that placing a small towel, comfortably folded below their hips or placing a small pillow under their knees eases the pain substantially. Note that sleeping on the stomach seems to aggravate a lot of persons and others prefer sleeping flat on their back. We suggest you rotate through the different positions and aids outlined and see if one fits your solution;
  • Exercise: Many people (men especially it seems) develop that gut with age or lack of exercise. As the fat develops, the spine is put under undue stress; this can result in back pains as well. So simply, consult your doctor and once cleared, get to a suitable fitness regime. No need for a fancy gym or unnecessary expense, just begin to exercise. A pair of dumbbells and resistance bands with a door attachment is one of the best and most economical ways to start shedding those pounds.  So if your gut is the issue, get to it, make the correct decision today and there will be the added bonuses of a nicer physique and self-confidence;
  • Stretch: Closely related to exercise above, a good routine of stretching daily can strengthen your core and lead to a stronger back to alleviate pains. Simple yoga-like stretches like the two-legged ham-string stretch; upward dog and sun salutations. Add a few more like torso twists, spine twists and cat stretches to bring variety. These are very common stretches that can be simply plugged into your computer and illustrated. Stretching can also involve you just laying out on the floor and placing your hands above your head and performing deep breathing exercises with the stretch while you work your way up to the yoga phase.

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  • Drink lots of water: Hydration can help your back in prevention or cure of injuries. The discs in your back need to be hydrated to remain supple and to provide stability to the spine. Healthy hydrated discs lead to a healthy, strong back.
  • Regular Massages: One of the best ways to relax the back muscles and help heal the affected areas is by a good massage. Make sure and get an experienced professional massage and not any walk-in shop! A good masseuse will treat not only the region of the pain but will also understand the need for proper circulation and incorporate the arms, legs, neck and shoulders in the treatment. Massages are a good way to keep the back supple and stable and will benefit you in the short and long term.

Back problems are one of the major causes of poor sleep and many people revert to the constant consumption of artificial medicines to solve this issue. There are however many different techniques and effective products some of which have been outlined here. Artificial medicines quell the pain but do not seek solution and you have to be careful of over-dependence and addiction and the long-term effects of any quick fixes. While natural sleep aids to solve back pains may understandably take a little longer, they are proven to benefit the users substantially in the long-run.